A reservation system for restaurants who want control & insights into every booking.


If you’re a restaurant owner or manager looking to optimise your capacity without missing bookings, reduce the amount of time staff spend replying to booking requests and want to have access to intelligent reservation insights from anywhere — then Table Wow is a good fit for you.

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“Table Wow have been extremely easy to work with and have created a system that is perfect for our high volume restaurants need. The interface is easy to learn and use, but there is depth when required. Staff have picked it up quickly and we have had less problems with reservations since moving to Table Wow. We would thoroughly recommend them.”

Digital Diary

Your Digital Diary shows you the latest booking requests — view activity for that day and confirm or decline bookings with one-click. See total bookings and guest count for the day as well as totals for each time slot, so you know what volume to expect and how best to manage that.

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Booking Insights

If you use targetted ads online, are promoting your business through social media or even create printed campaigns like flyers, banners and newspaper ads — Booking Insights will allow you to track which platforms are delivering the most bookings for you.

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A central hub for all the things your restaurant need for reservations.

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